Making Clarington tools available to gardeners in the U.S. is something we are really proud of. And it isn't just because they are good quality tools. Clarington is the only large-scale forge still producing forged garden tools in England. The history of Clarington Forge is impressive, but we are most excited to be bringing quality tools to a new generation of gardeners.

In England our tools are marketed under the name Bulldog Tools, but we sell them as Clarington brand here in the U.S. As you might imagine with a forge that has been in existence for over 230 years, the forge has had different owners over the years. About five years ago the forge was purchased by the Rollins Group, a family business that was started in 1866. It is still a family owned and operated business today, and the company is proud to be breathing new life into Clarington Forge, and maintaining the tradition of quality garden tools.

Who is Robert Larson Company? We are Clarington Forge, USA.  A family owned and operated business based in San Francisco, CA, we have been importing and distributing the finest European hand tools into the US since 1981. Our specialty has been woodworking tools, but we have been excited to expand into the world of garden tools over the past several years. Our relationship with the Rollins Group spans over 25 years, and multiple generations. We handle all the US distribution of Clarington garden tools. Clarington orders are shipped and serviced out of our warehouse in San Francisco.