I have grown veggies as long as I have had a sliver of garden to work with. But I’ve always limited myself to the offerings of my local growers and garden centers – around here that has historically meant tomatoes, cucumbers and a few other basics, and only in the spring. Starting from seed is something I’ve always intended to do, but I just wasn't sure how (but mostly when) to start.

Inspired by an e-mail from Peaceful Valley, I visited their web site and discovered their fall garden planner. I entered my zip code to verify my frost date, and their web site gave me a list of plants for my region and the date for starting indoors and for direct sowing. I chose the veggies I wanted to grow and placed my order.

Now I had my order placed and seeds on the way, but I had absolutely no place to plant them. And the date to get some of these in the ground was quickly approaching. I grabbed my strapped garden fork and rake and started preparing beds along the side of the house. where we recently had some overgrown bushes removed. I had an area about 8’ x 16’ ready by that afternoon. Over the rest of the weekend I added compost and laid a few stones for a walkway down the center - all just in time. My order from Peaceful Valley arrived from across the country in just a couple days.

Even after all this preparation, I was not entirely convinced that my fall garden was going to be a success, consider it was my first attempt at starting a garden from seed and I had never tried growing fall veggies before. It has been about 3 months since my frantic digging and planting, and I could not be more pleased with the result. As is typical for me, I have planted all my veggies way too close together, but we have been enjoying kale, peas, and loads of lettuce! Here is a photo of my humble veggie garden:

Posted in Clarington Forge By Emma Kelly on 11th October 2012

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