Back from another wonderful and busy week at the Chelsea Flower show. The weather was sunny and warm, a welcome departure from the cold wet days last year!

In addition to a great time at Chelsea, I have pictures of some incredible private gardens to share, as well photos of several lovely city gardens. And I’ve found some great garden products we’re considering adding to our range.

All will be revealed in time, but here is your Chelsea 2012 sneak peek:

There were similarities among many of the larger gardens this year – most had a long walk or water feature, bordered by a wildflower path. One gardener I spoke with thought the traditional themes this year could have been a nod to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – celebrating 60 years on the throne.

Best in Show by Cleve West

Laurent Perrier

RBC Blue Water Garden:


RBC Blue Water Garden

The Telegraph Garden

Telegraph Garden

Laurent-Perrier Garden

Laurent Perrier


Land's End: A Rural Muse

Land's End


Typically my personal aesthetic leans heavily towards the romantic English garden, though my favorite garden this year was the Satoyama Life Garden. There was an ancient feel about it that made it hard to believe it could have been created just for the show. I will definitely be posting more photos of this one.


Satoytama Life Garden


I also liked the contrast of the wild borders and the large sculptured trees in the Laurent Perrier garden. But the stone path was was what really caught my eye, although not likely to be very practical!

Laurent Perrier Garden

The stone path up close:

Stone Path


More to come soon!


- Emma


Posted in Garden Shows By Emma Kelly on 29th May 2012

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