When it comes to choosing the perfect Clarington spade or garden fork as a gift, you can’t go wrong on quality – each one is guaranteed for life, ensuring your gift will continue to give year after year.

The most important consideration is the height of the gardener you are shopping for and the type of gardening they do. A standard 28” spade or fork will work great for average size gardeners, but those taller or shorter, or with limited upper body strength, would benefit from a tool better suited to their size. A guide to tool sizes is shown below. Keep in mind that if the recipient gardens in raised beds, you’ll want to consider one of our shorter tools.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of all our spades and forks with the dimensions and approximate size recommendations:


Still not sure? Here are a some one-size fits all favorites:

The Rabbiting spade is a great one-size-fits all option. The narrow curved blade is perfectly suited for new planting or dividing, and would be a welcome addition to any garden.



The hottest fork of the year has been the strapped garden fork showcased in the Wall Street Journal this past May: A Tool Worth Forking Over For by Anne Marie Chaker



We even have real spades for the kids on your list (kitty not included!):


Posted in Gift Ideas By Stuart Elsom on 2nd November 2012

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