Whether tucked in a stocking, displayed in a trug, or wrapped under the tree, these little gems will be well loved by the gardener on your list! Starting at just $7, and all less than $30!


Our standard trowel is great for general planting and digging. www.claringtonforge.com/trowels-hand-forks/tanged-hand-trowel


Paper Potter

This innovative tool allows gardeners to make seed pots out of recycled newspaper. It is fun and easy, and you’ll never run out of pots! Made in England of sustainably sourced oak. www.claringtonforge.com/accessories/paper-potter


Transplant Trowel

A narrow trowel designed for planting bulbs and seedlings. A great complement to the paper potter! www.claringtonforge.com/trowels-hand-forks/tanged-transplanting-hand-trowel


String on a Stand

Keep your garden twine close at hand with this English made stand. No need to look for scissors, a blade is built into the stand for easy trimming. www.claringtonforge.com/accessories/string-on-a-stand


Garden Fork

Hand Fork

Great for weeding in tight spots. www.claringtonforge.com/trowels-hand-forks/weeding-hand-fork


Planting Labels

Plant Labels

A set of five beautifully made wood planting labels designed to be re-used year after year. Made in England from sustainably sourced oak. www.claringtonforge.com/accessories/oak-plant-labels


Daisy Grubber

Daisy Grubber

Give the gift of easy weeding with this great tool for pulling deep rooted weeds.



Planting Lines

An ideal tool for sowing or planting in straight lines. The wooden posts are made in England and turned from sustainably sourced oak. www.claringtonforge.com/accessories/garden-lines


Onion Hoe

Onion Hoe

A hand hoe for working in raised beds or confined areas. www.claringtonforge.com/rakes-hoes/fred-s-onion-hoe


Hand Drills

 These French drills allow quick drilling without a power drill. Perfect for use in the garden. www.claringtonforge.com/accessories/gimlet-hand-drilling-set


Sliver Grippers

These USA made tweezers have fine points for removing pesky splinters and thorns, or can be used for the handling of tiny seeds. www.claringtonforge.com/accessories/sliver-gripper


Pruning Set

 This two piece set includes a trimmer for flowers and herbs, and a mini bypass pruner for cutting small branches. Ideal for cut flowers, harvesting herbs, and making wreaths or garlands. Available in green or pink.


Jute Roll


Choose from natural or green jute – over 500 feet of it!

Green Jute     Natural Jute

Posted in Gift Ideas By Emma Kelly on 5th November 2012

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