Great Mother's Day gifts for every budget.


Trowel and Fork Set $44

For digging, planting, and weeding. This is a wonderful set for any gardeners, whether their plot is a large country garden or a city container garden.


Planting Spear - $75

Easily create the perfect spot for transplants and bulbs, without kneeling or digging. Just step down on the treads, and rock forward and back, rather than digging out the dirt.


Sussex Trug $77

Handmade in England, these sturdy baskets allow easy toting of tools, flowers, and veggies in the garden.


Transplant Trowel  $22

Great for planting seedlings and bulbs, and especially suited for container gardening. WIth a curved blade, you can create an ideal spot for planting, without disruption to the area around where you're working.


Dibber - $33

Creates the perfect spot for seeds and small bulbs.


Household Shovel $15

For scooping bird seed, soil, fireplace ash, and more. A handy tool for any gardener.


If you aren't sure which gift is best, we also offer gift cards. Available in any denomination and can be used for redemption at Keep in mind these can only be redeemed for shipments into the United States.

Posted in Gift Ideas By Emma Kelly on 12th April 2013

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