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Product description

Hand made in Sussex, England. A sturdy and lovely harvest basket, it is also perfect for toting hand tools around the garden. The perfect size for children or smaller gardeners, or as a lovely centerpiece. Each beautiful Trug is hand made by a Master Trug Maker. Made from Birch plywood. The quality and workmanship is guaranteed for five years, though most Trug owners enjoy them for decades. Each Trug is signed and numbered by the maker. About the materials: The plywood used for this trug comes from Finland and Latvia. The legging wood is from Sweden. The law in all of these countries required felled timber to be replaced by twice the amount of trees that were harvested.

Key features

  • Constructed of Birch plywood
  • Hand made in Sussex, England
  • #5 Small Trug
  • 18” Long by 10” Wide
  • Five Year Guarantee

Small Trug

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