The blades of our traditional garden spades and forks are forged from a solid piece of steel. In addition to this we produce our own wooden handles to ensure quality. Built to stand up to tough work in the garden year after year we believe we offer the best choice for serious gardeners.


We guarantee all of our products against defects in materials and workmanship. Many of our tools have a lifetime guarantee, while some of the smaller tools are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.


From Junior-size to long handled tools, and a wide range in between, we have a selection to fit the needs of most gardeners. Additionally, we offer unique and effective tools, such as our hand made Springbok lawn rake and our rubber-tined Wizard rake.


The production process is designed to ensure efficient use of materials. Wood is sourced from sustainable forests. Metal and wood scraps produced by the forge are recycled. Packaging is designed to be minimal and easily recyclable. However, the most sustainable aspect of our tools is their durability.